An era of reinvention

We’re taking it upon ourselves to usher in a renaissance of sorts. A time when simplicity, collaboration and divergent ideas reign supreme.

In 2016, we had the opportunity to build a new kind of architecture practice, rather than readopt old and tired building methods. Combining a flat organizational structure with lean principles, we’re transforming how our industry designs, procures and builds. 

Powerful technology

Technology is just part of the solution—it’s what we do with it that matters most. Harnessing Building Information Modelling (BIM) and intelligent data tools, our team clarifies the complex and makes intricacies meaningful.

Knowledge sharing

Say goodbye to silos, information gaps and oversights. Instead, we bring communication and systematic analysis to every step in the project. From start to finish, we empower the right experts with the right knowledge.

World-class methodology

Our project management approach blends Integrated Project Delivery with Lean, Agile and Scrum methodology. These proven processes enhance building quality and predictability, while minimizing risk, waste and timelines.

Our Team

Together, the Next team brings over 9 decades of collective experience in all aspects of architecture. Every day, we work to change the world of architecture in radically new ways.

Big questions

We’re always exploring emerging technology, progressive architectural practices and new ways of thinking.

Revolutionary results

From the Art Gallery of Alberta to the Shaw Conference Centre, we’ve helped shape inventive, award-winning buildings across Edmonton.

It's here.

Architecture’s new paradigm begins now. And, it starts with us.