Westlink Park Office

The new 60,000 sqft office development at West Link Park is the latest in our association with this key business park in Edmonton’s west end. The former Finning Canada lands have been transformed into a vibrant mixed use development offering almost 1 million sqft of commercial development on a 32 acre site. With office space for Finning Canada, Golder Associates, TD Bank, Ricoh and BDC along with a Staybridge hotel, daycare and restaurants it forms an important centre for business

Project Specs

Edmonton, Alberta
60,000 square feet

The new 3 storey office building with underground parking is arranged around a central atrium that brings daylight into the centre of the plan. This configuration creates 2 primary blocks of office space of approximately 10,000sqft with associated support areas located to the front and rear of the atrium. At main floor the atrium provides breakout areas and amenity space. The building may be occupied by a single tenant or leased to multiple tenants given the flexibility in the design and location of the stairs and elevators.

The exterior skin is designed on a standard 1.5m module to allow the greatest flexibility for the interior planning. A combination of insulated metal panels and triple glazed curtain wall creates an economic exterior that is enlivened with a series of glass fins to define the main entrance to the building while creating a solar shade to the conference rooms.