McDougall Church

Built between 1909 – 10, McDougall Church served as Edmonton’s first opera hall, and hosted the precursor to the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Due to its age, the church was in need of restoration to address several deficiencies within its envelope. NEXT was contacted to evaluate and plan Phase 1 of the restoration effort.

Project Specs

Historic Conservation
Downtown, Edmonton, Alberta
4,000 square feet, 8 storeys

The project was the result of the first major step taken to designate and preserve the 1910 building from being sold and demolished for future development. Many articles in the Edmonton Journal and other news sources covered the process of historical designation while public discussions continued regarding preservation of the building. This is a measure of how deeply McDougall is rooted in the community and Edmonton’s history, especially for its frequent use, not only as a church, but also a concert and festival venue.

As the first implementation of the first major phase of restoration, the project included closing the significant gaps in the building envelope, repairing the main tower cornice and string courses, rehabilitating the windows and brick ornamentation of the west and south façades, and repairing the brickwork and stairs serving the west entryways.