156 St. Rezoning

Recent news regarding infill projects in the City of Edmonton has concentrated on the abundance of ‘skinny’s’, a simplistic opportunistic way to increase neighborhood density by splitting single-family lots into 2 sites. We’re happy that Beljan doesn’t think that way and is more concerned with developing mixed-use neighborhoods that provide a variety of housing types to suit a variety of needs. By incorporating main floor commercial space we create vibrant communities that can support local businesses and provide services to residents. This reduces our collective carbon footprint as we reduce vehicle use and encourage a walkable lifestyle without the need for private transportation. 

Project Specs

Mixed Use
Edmonton, Alberta
30,000 square feet

The building incorporates a variety of residential unit types from studio to 3 bed apartments to encourage a mixed use community of families and singles. In support of a sustainable agenda for the building a large indoor bicycle storage facility is provided on the main floor for all residents. The building envelope has been designed to comply with the prescriptive path of NECB 2011 regarding the ratio of exterior windows to wall while creating light filled interiors for the apartments. Additional amenity space is provided by incorporating a roof terrace to the building.