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Every project we create has something in common: a flexible approach that results in meaningful, life-enhancing buildings. Through prefabricated designs, minimal waste and impeccable attention-to-detail, we align our structures with the people, businesses and communities that inhabit them. 


Our team thrives on open, connected communication with you. Because, at Next, we always put our clients at the forefront of each project. From our emergent technology to our unconventional tools, we uncover simple, practical and cost-effective solutions to complex building problems.

We’re proud to harness technology as a communication tool amongst our team, clients and partners. Working with cloud-based computing models in a shared virtual space, you’ll experience and contribute to our digital designs throughout the entire project.

Law Courts Galleria
+ Institutional

Law Courts Galleria

The project is a replacement of the canopy that was added onto the law courts in 1979-80. Originally intended as a public concourse, the existing canopy has begun to fail, with severe leaking throughout the structure. NEXT was appointed to design a long term solution for galleria which also compliments the existing architecture. Project Specs...



Edmonton Law Courts

Early buy-in to the data-led process by the client (Alberta Infrastructure) gave us a great jumping-off point to start the Edmonton Law Court glazing replacement. A point cloud for early data collection gave the team confidence to proceed with modeling and reduced the dimensional risk. Not only did it allow a fairly accurate design model...


The best architectural designs set out the right materials for the building’s purpose, people and land. From quantities and scopes of work to site constraints and scheduling implications, our solutions resolve many of the traditional issues that impact construction—before we even begin building. Our pragmatic design approach, combined with our alternative compensation methods, adapt your project to the costs, while minimizing budget and schedule risks.

+ Residential

Royal Alex Conversion

The project is a conversion of commercial space to residential. Located in close proximity to Royal Alex Hospital, as well as the transit centre, and Kingsway Mall, the project, although not large, adds 18 more …

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+ Mixed Use

Gibbard Block

The project is the update of a beloved historic building in the community of Highlands. Built in 1913 as a commercial block with 2 primary storefronts and 9 luxury apartments, the building once boasted the …

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It’s not enough to produce great data—we also visualize and present our knowledge in powerful ways. By immersing you and our team in our technology, while working where our buildings are, we keep the right people connected to the right information, every step of the way. Our smart, efficient data management process delivers superior building outcomes, diminishing errors, waste and rework. 

+ Historic Conservation

McDougall Church

Built between 1909 – 10, McDougall Church served as Edmonton’s first opera hall, and hosted the precursor to the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Due to its age, the church was in need of restoration to address …

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We invest careful effort and resources in understanding our clients. Inspired by your project’s purpose, we build with imagination, sensitivity and a deep respect for budgets and timelines.

From inception to completion, our entire team is invested in all aspects of your project—design, production and contracts. Often, our team members will assume a leadership role at different times of a project based on their skill and experience. Throughout the project, we bring a collective memory and knowledge base, while also welcoming new solutions and ideas at any time, from any team member. 



NextShift – Building a Sustainable Practice

The beginning of October marks the 1st anniversary of Next Architecture in its current iteration – a remarkable, challenging and emotional year. Last year I remarked that I hoped that in 12 months we could say that we never expected Next to be what it is today. I am happy to say that this is...



NextShift – Taking Stock of the Gender/Harassment Double Jeopardy

Firstly, it should not take sexual assault + harassment allegations so close to home in Alberta in order to have to write this blog.  The theme for our next blog was going to be on diversity and homogeneity in the workplace, but we need to say more particularly as gender inequality is the fertile ground...

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