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Imagine there’s no box to begin with. Take everything you’ve learned about the business of architecture and “what can’t be done” and throw that out the window. We are looking for two above-average, tech-savvy technologists to join us in our journey to elevate the industry.

To be better we realized that we have to create a place where greatness can be fostered; we need a place where people feel safe enough to generate ideas without being ostracized and push the bar forward without being judged. We are creating an ecosystem where incredibly talented individuals are empowered to put their best work into the hands of thousands of people who can enjoy buildings that are safe for everyone, fun to experience, foster a societal shift forward and are delivered with incredible quality, predictability and certainty.

We are looking for motivated, self-learners to join our highly collaborative family. Are you able to show the initiative to independently learn a piece of software? Are you a first adopter of technology? Are you able to communicate respectfully within an office environment? Are you able to check your ego at the door and join us in collaboratively brainstorming how we’d like to do things?

Join us. Don’t worry, we are intentionally medium sized and always will be. You’ll never become just a drone in the back of our studio.



  • Minimum 4 years’ experience (not including time in school)
  • Volunteer projects or community involvement/leadership or industry memberships
  • BIM wizard with a keen interest in continuously growing software capabilities. Highly developed Revit skills are absolutely necessary and canBIM certification is a bonus
  • Must be able to work collaboratively on a team and be independently self-motivated
  • Must be organized with the ability to track and manage many tasks and projects simultaneously
  • Must have a working knowledge of new materials and construction processes


What’s next? Tell us why you’d be a good fit and send us a resume:     career@www.nextarchitecture.ca